Doobie Cannabis Pre-Rolls

The Brief: Create a cannabis pre-roll brand to upset the Oregon wholesale market.

My Approach:
I created a brand ethos that emphasizes the magic moments in life. Through the balance of playful typography, to-the-point communication, and a bold color palette, I created an identity system that is cool, clever, informative, and fun. An all-in-one custom box design is the perfect good-times starter pack.

For the Doobie’s first introduction to the world, I directed a photo campaign that took a literal take on the classification of “Recreational Cannabis.” A bright game of mini-golf tells the story of a great time smoking weed on the go. 

Special thanks to Daniel Baxter for providing mentorship on the strategy portion of building this brand and to Premier Press in Portland, OR for designing the Doobie 5-pack custom box.

Deliverables: Brand Voice and Design, Logo Suite, Custom Packaging Design, Collateral Design, Educational Materials, Launch Campaign Direction.

My Role: Brand Designer and Art Director

Campaign Photography: Ben Sellon
Campaign Prop Stylist: Margo Latka