10 Barrel x Tokyo Starfish 4/20

The Brief:
10 Barrel approached the cannabis company, Tokyo Starfish, to promote a new version of their Pub Beer infused with Tokyo Starfish’s Maui Wowie cannabis terpenes. With the 4/20 holiday approaching, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to connect these two iconic Central Oregon brands. 

My Approach:

The 4/20 holiday looks a little different in the year 2020. I collaborated with Tokyo Starfish leadership to create a take-and-bake pizza promotion to celebrate 4/20 safely at home. 10 Barrel Pubs sold the take-and-bake pizzas and beer, Tokyo sold the weed. Graphics are silly and stupid, just like the holiday. 

This project was acomplished working as a freelancer for Tokyo Starfish

My Role: Art Director, Designer, Illustrator